Andrijana holds a Bachelor's Degree in Law from University in Ljubljana and she completed postgraduate studies in management in 2010 at Cotrugli Business School in Zagreb (accredited Executive MBA).
During her career, she graduated from an in-house international insurance academy and from the School of banking at Slovenian Banking Association. She holds an international certificate in compliance, CCEP-I and had just successfully completed another one, the ICA Advanced Certificate in Business Compliance.
Her earliest experience include legal positions at Tax administration of the Republic of Slovenia and at the stock-brokerage firm Ilirika, d.d. For the last ten years, she held various expert and leadership roles in the field of corporate compliance and integrity, at Triglav Insurance Company (7 years) and NLB, d.d. (3 years), including the international group perspective of these two corporations, in the Adriatic region. At the insurance company, she took part in several projects in the context of internal governance.
Her latest was head of the strategic project for adjusting to the corporate governance requirements of the Solvency II directive.
She was the first president of the compliance committee at Slovenian Insurance Association. Between 2012 and 2014, Andrijana also served as a member of the international committee for the CCEP-I exam (professional certificate) at the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, based in US.
She is a co-creator of Declaration on Fair Business (by UNGC Slovenia) and Slovenian Corporate Integrity Guidelines, both signed by many Slovenian companies.
She is currently an independent compliance and ethics professional, under her own firm INETICO business consulting. At the end of 2014, Andrijana established and took up the lead of EICE – European Institute of Compliance and Ethics, which is her primary occupation.